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WEPA Printing: Ways to Print to a Kiosk

Information about the Wepa printing stations at Midwestern State University.

Campus Computers

The public computer workstations located in Moffett Library have wēpa print drivers installed which allows you to select wēpa as the printer. From these computers:

  1. Click the Print button as you normally would
  2. Select the appropriate wēpa printer (wēpa B/W or wēpa Color) from the drop-down list
  3. Set your print options and send the print job
  4. Login to your wēpa account when prompted OR record the release code that will be assigned to your print job
  5. Go to a wēpa print station to login/release, pick up, and pay

Important Things to Know

  • Letter size (8.5' x 11) is the only supported option at this time. Make sure you format your printing to this size paper.
  • Once you have selected your payment option the transaction is complete. You cannot stop your print job at this point.
  • Emailed documents will print in B&W single sided and PowerPoint will print as slides unless you specify otherwise in the email. For more information see:
  • If you are prompted to select a school name use Midwestern State University.
  • A Wepa account is not required if using a USB drive to print directly from a Wepa station.

Other Options

There are many methods to print.

  • Your Personal Computer
    Install Windows Print App or Mac Print App. Once installed, open document as you normally would. A print settings window will appear with a selected ‘Printer’. Select ‘Printer’ drop down menu to choose a wēpa print option.
  • Email-To-Print
    Using the email address associated with your wēpa account, attach your document and send to See details on for limits on file size and types as well as how to specify color, double sided, etc.
  • Web Upload
    Login to your wēpa account and click the ‘web upload’ link.
  • Cloud Storage
    Access common cloud storage applications directly at a wēpa print station to print documents.
  • Android iOS
    Upload documents using the appropriate mobile app for your device.
  • USB
    Print directly at the print station with a USB device and avoid the upload process.