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Media Department: Course Reserve

This guide provides information on the equipment and kits in the Media Department. As well as equipment checkout information, and more.


These Items are checked out based on instructor and course enrollment. The checkout time period is based on Media Librarian and Instructor discretion. Upon checkout, you are responsible for the contents of these items. 

Breakout EDU kits

Each kit includes the following items:Breakout EDU box contents

1 Large Breakout EDU box

1 Hasp

1 Alphabet Multilock

1 Directional Multilock

1 three-digit lock

1 four-digit lock

1 key lock

1 UV light

1 Deck of Reflection Cards

1 invisible ink pen

1 small lockable box

1 USB thumb drive

2 Hint cards

3 packs of additional Multilock rings (letters, shapes, & numbers)

1 red lens viewer


Mass Communication Backpack Contains:Mass Communication Backpack

  • Camera with 16 GB SD Card
  • AC Power Adapter
  • USB & A/V Cables
  • Tripod
  • Headphones
  • Desktop Stand Hand Grip
  • Audio Recorder w/ Wind Screen and 1 GB SD Card


LittleBits Steam Student Set Contents

1 Button 1 Battery
1 fork 2 Screwdriver
1 Number 2 Mounting Board

12 Shoes (magnet)

2 Wire

2 Wheels

1 Fan
1 Servo Mount
1 Long LED
2 Strips (Hook & Loop)

1 USB Cable

1 USB Power

4 motorMate

1 DC Motor (tethered)

1 Servo Hub

1 Light Sensor

24 Shoes (Hook & Loop)

1 Pulse

3 Mechanical Arm

1 Temperature Sensor 

4 Screws

1 Buzzer

1 USB Power Adapter

1 Inverter

1 Battery Cable

1 Power  
1 Slide Dimmer  

Littlebits STEAM Student Set