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Information Literacy: Information Creation

Framework Defined

Information Creation as a Process

  • Where does the information come from?
  • Why is the information important in this context?
  • How is the information relevant to you?

Types of Information Lesson

New Literacies Alliance Types of Information Lesso

Information can come from an assortment of sources and fulfill a variety of information needs. Knowing the type of information needed and where it can be found is a crucial skill for individuals to have. In this lesson, students will examine types of publications and discover use cases for popular, professional/trade, and scholarly sources of information.

Choosing Information Paths Lesson

New Literacies Alliance Choosing information paths

Information can be packaged in a variety of digital formats that have their own properties and can lead down certain information paths. In this lesson, students will explore properties of digital formats in order to identify the best format to meet their information needs.

Data, Information, Knowledge, and Wisdom

New Literacies Alliance Data Lesson

In our knowledge society, individuals must know how to identify and use data, information, and knowledge. In this lesson, students will differentiate each of these and explore how data and information can be synthesized to form knowledge, which can lead to understanding and wisdom.