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Information Literacy: Information Has Value

Framework Defined

Information has Value

  • What is the importance of intellectual property?
  • Is the information available to everyone?
  • Why is it important to cite information?

Value of Information Lesson

New Literacies Alliance Value of Info Lesson

With the vast amount of information that can be found as quickly as a mouse click, it is easy to think that all information is free. However, information and access to it is paid for by someone and is not all created equally. In this lesson, students will explore the value and cost of information and learn how to make wise information decisions.

Access Matters

New Literacies Alliance Access Matters Lesson

Information is inherently valuable. Access to it, or lack of access, has the potential to affect the quality of one’s life. In this lesson, students will learn how access to information shapes people’s lives and how they can make informed decisions related to access to information in their lives and in their communities.