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How to Use Moffett Library Databases: Time Saving Database Features

This guide will offer tips and tricks on how to search and use the library databases.

Quick Database Features to Remember!

Read the Abstract  

Overwhelmed searching for research articles? You can help relieve this tension by reading the abstract of an article, book, or book chapter. Abstracts generally provide a one-to-three paragraph review of what the resource is about. Ignoring the abstract can cause you to lose valuable hours to reading unnecessary resources. 

 Save the PDF

Articles are generally displayed as either a PDF or HTML (text embedded within the page itself.) You can view PDFs in your browser and/or download and save them to your computer for use later. Many databases will also have a button to e-mail yourself a copy of the PDFs and/or article links for later access.

 Save the Permalink

A permalink, or stable URL, should be saved to ensure that the article can be retrieved in the future. When attempting to access the article off-campus, the permalink will direct you to log into the Portal before sending you to the article. 

Save the Citation 

In general, databases will provide a citation formatted in various citation styles (APA, MLA, or Chicago) that can be used in a reference list. Be sure to verify the citation against the required citation style guide to ensure its accuracy. 


EBSCO Database

ProQuest Database

ScienceDirect Database

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