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Moffett Library Periodicals: Microfilm

Overview of print and online periodicals in Moffett Library.

How to Use Microfilm Reader

Microfilm cabinets are available upon request to the Serials and Electronic Resources Librarian. The microfilm reader is located in the Tech Services area. 

Please contact the Serials and Electronic Resources Librarian at for questions regarding microfilm. 

To load the microfilm reader, follow the directions below.

  1. Gently pull microfilm reader's glass tray toward you until glass pane lifts.

  2. Place microfilm reel on left spindle, end of film should be hanging from the right.  Make sure reel clicks onto spindle.

  3. Thread film end directly under guide (white roller), then under the glass plane and under other guide.

  4. Slide end of film in slot in center of right reel. Roll the reel in clockwise motion to begin threading the film onto reel. 

  5. Gently push tray back until film is under light/lens.

  6. Use buttons to navigate. (The red button is high speed. It is recommended to pull tray forward to lift glass when searching microfilm reel while using high speed buttons.) 

  7. When finished with microfilm reel, pull out tray to raise glass and use the red left button to rewind onto left reel.

  8. Place reel back in box and into basket next to microfilm cabinets. 


      Note: If further assistance is required, please see the Librarian in Room 102B. 

PERMicrofilm available on 1ST Floor

REFMicrofilm available on 1ST Floor